Ladies Pashmina Stole

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Offered Ladies Pashmina Stoles are made by using the pashmina fleece that is spun physically so provide the Cashmere characteristic, adorned in Kashmir. The shawls can effectively provide the needed warmth amid the cold seasons. Ladies use these shawls around their neck so as to cover their face as well as to shield themselves from the lurid chillness. Offered products are apprehended for their warmth, comfort and designs attributes. Soft to the point, these Ladies Pashmina Stoles can also be utilized as the quilt or as the over-covers for the infants.

Key Points :

  • Can be utilized more remotely than the reason for these have been made.
  • Employed as the enlivening materials, seat or footstools.
  • Offered in various hues supports so as to boost vitality level of the wearer or user.
  • Can be utilized as the gifting wrap for signifying good omen & blessing.

Product: Pashmina Shawl
Make: 100% Pashmina Wool
Type: 100% Handloom Made
Tag: Govt. Approved
Tag of 100% genuine product
Condition : Brand new
Shade:   Cream
Size: 40*80 ( international std. )
Shipping: Free

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