Ladies Pashmina Shawls

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Provided Ladies Pashmina Shawls are made with the assistance of pashmina wool that is acquired from a specific breed of a Himalayan goat called as Changthangi. The wool goat gives is spun manually gets the Cashmere property as it is embellished in Kashmir. The products serve the purpose of gyving the needed warmth during the wintery seasons. The women wrap these shawls around their body so as to gain protection from the appalling chillness. These Ladies Pashmina Shawls are soft and can be used ad bedspread or as an over-blanket for a newborn infants.

Key Points :

  • Really stylish, appreciated for their versatility in utilization.
  • Employed as a decorating material for the spaces of homes.
  • Provided in assortment of sizes for various purposes based on the size.
  • Assist in increasing the flavor of the dress as well as the total appearance.

Product: Pashmina Shawl
Make:  100% Pashmina Wool
Type:  100% Handloom Made
Tag:  Govt. Approved
Tag of 100% genuine product
Condition : Brand new
Shade:   Aqua
Size: 40*80 ( international std. )
Shipping: Free

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